Established in 2001, Ingerosec is active in the field of infrastructures and development assistance.
The involvement of our company inside the French group Ingerop offers us an opening to the international market which today represents more than 50% of our activities.

At a time where Japan should be more and more open to international market for its growth, our company must be able to fully take part in this development.
We are then always seeking qualified staff able to share our values and our ambitions.

Our staff represents the most important capital for our company and, beyond the expertise already acquired or to acquire, we believe that the personal development of individuals is an important motor for the development of our company. When working for us, you must first take pleasure in your work and have the will to develop your skills and your abilities. Myself and all of the directors of the company will be at your side to accompany and guide you in your progress.

Men or women, engineers or academics, if words like surpassing oneself, dynamism, openness to the outside, curiosity, desire to develop his skills, teamwork, mean something for you, come and join our teams so that we can develop together our activities and contribute to the improvement of our environment.