NameINGÉROSEC Corporation
FoundationJune 1, 2001
Capital100 million yen
Board membersCEO Representative Director    Mineo Morimoto (Doctor of Engineering)
COO Representative Director    Tatsuya Mochizuki (Professional Engineer)
CTO Director Jean- Pierre Ragaru (Professional Engineer) 

Director  Hideaki Morita
Director  Junji Ogata (Doctor of Engineering)
Director  Tadanori Kumano
Director  Nobuharu Shimizu (Professional Engineer)
Director  Hiroyuki Sugiyama
Director  Hisahiro Nojima
Director  Vincent Grange
Workforce37, as of April 2019
Head OfficeShinjuku i-LAND Tower 43F,6-5-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, 163-1343, Japan map
Tel: +81-3-5324-0211 Fax:+81-3-5324-0215
RegistrationCertified consultant for construction (Registration No: 18-7246)
QMS certificationCertified for ISO 9001-2015 standards (Registration No: QC18J0006)
Certified for ISO 14001-2015 standards (Registration No: EC18J0008)

Corporate Quality Policy

1. We foster the improvement of staff’s technical expertise and proficiency.
2. We provide a service until both the client and we are satisfied with our performance.
3. We work closely with clients by creating clear communication channels.
4. We apply high levels of technical expertise to achieve accurate and comprehensive results.
5. We mobilize all means of the company when a problem happens.
6. We identify reasons for claims and treat them with sincerity and without delay.

Environmental Policy

1. During its work as Engineering Consultant Company, Ingerosec will support and contribute to a sustainable development of society by taking care as much as possible of the natural environment and ecosystem.
2. By establishing this Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, by applying it and by improving it continuously, we will make maximum efforts to contribute to the protection of the environment against pollution and to the preservation of  natural resources.
3. During our activities or for the infrastructures we are designing and supervising, we will ensure that the environmental laws and   requirements are fully applied by all our personnel and by the persons we are supervising.
4. When applying this Environmental Management System, we will consider as an important issue the following points:
-   Investigations, planning and design will be carried out with all due consideration to environmental impact;
-   We will make effort to improve the consciousness of Ingerosec personnel for preservation of natural resources and
protection of environment.
5. Ingerosec Management will ensure that all employees working for our company fully understand, agree and apply this environmental policy during its daily activity.

Compliance Policy

Ingérosec Corporation implements a corporate policy based on the Official Standards for Internal Control Structure and Application. The corporate policy requires compliance with the employee code of conduct, the internal audit rules, the internal communications policy and the code of ethics.

In particular, Ingérosec Corporation operates while fully and strictly complying with laws and international treaties, such as the Antitrust Act and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Anti-Bribery Convention.  Special consideration is also given to foreign national employees and their individual relation to such international laws.

Summary of Staff Professional Qualifications


As of April 1st, 2019 Total / 27

■Doctor of Engineering 2,
■Registered Professional Engineer 7,
■RCCM (Registered Civil Engineering Consulting Manager) 3,
■1st-class Registered Architect 2,
■1st-class Registered Construction Managing Engineer 8,
■Concrete Engineer 1,
■Registered Surveyor 4