Improvement of social infrastructure has ever been extremely important for vitalization of economic and industrial activities.

CEO Representative Director Mineo Morimoto

Mineo Morimoto
CEO Representative Director

I believe that Japan’ s construction industry needs a public-private partnership to build attractive cities that are internationally competitive. In France, social infrastructure development traditionally takes place through collaboration between the public and private sectors. INGEROSEC has the state-of-the-art systems and expertise to meet not only needs for construction of this type but also the demand for low cost, high quality and short delivery periodsThe most important business purpose for INGEROSEC includes the contribution to the human society, inside and outside Japan, in the field of engineering such as research, planning and design, using the latest of the constantly improved and developed construction technology all over the world and through the quest for the best concept in design.

To realize this goal, it is quite important to establish plans, based on detailed studies supported by solid basic technology and elaborate investigations.

Furthermore, we have to build structures which excel not only in economic and structural rationality but also in scenic harmony.For this purpose, it is necessary to use the Objective Evaluation Method (OEM) through stages of design concept ‐preliminary design ‐execution design, instead of classic methods which are based only on experiences and subjective evaluations.

Following this policy, we are constantly doing our best efforts to improve the quality of our design and our technical capabilities.


COO Representative Director Tatsuya Mochizuki

Tatsuya Mochizuki
COO Representative Director

Many developing countries have accelerated the speed of their economic development through resource development and internationalization, and are aiming to break away from poverty. However, destruction of the environment, traffic congestion and severe social confusion have been caused by delays to the construction of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and waste water treatment facilities. More developed countries, including Japan, are supporting sustainable growth in developing countries through technical and financial aid.

Internationally, Ingerosec aims to make contributions to environmental improvement and infrastructure development through planning, design and supervision projects, including roads, bridges and desalination plants, in developing countries in Asia and Africa. We undertake international cooperation projects proposed by authorities including the Japanese Ministry of the Environment and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

We have Japanese engineers and also French and English engineers working together and operating internationally in various fields of work. In our line of work, issues such as language barriers and cultural differences are sometimes encountered, so we have established a structure that can ensure a flexible response to such difficulties.

Domestically, Ingerosec centers on bridge design in service of local government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan.

Ingerosec has received capital participation from the Ingérop Group and has established a technical partnership with them. The Ingérop Group has considerable experience in the construction industry and other sectors. Ingerosec cooperates with the Ingérop Group in various fields to expand our business in Japan and overseas.

Infrastructure construction and development are the foundation of economic development. Ingerosec facilitates infrastructure development by utilizing high technology, both independently and in cooperation with the other consultants. Furthermore, Ingerosec is involved in new projects, such as solar power and seawater desalination, by joint venture consortium with companies from other sectors.