We offer solutions to a variety of problems with our innovative engineering in a wide range of areas, from building reinforcement technologies to the environmental conservation of the entire building.

The main challenge facing the world in the 21st century is to create a cycle that paves the way for sustainable development and to construct a permanent social system and infrastructure on the basis of this cycle.

In Japan, the aging of buildings and infrastructure is an issue.

While progress is being made in technological innovations to prevent aging and deterioration, it is necessary to achieve technological improvements in resistance and durability to withstand weather conditions, earthquakes, corrosion and other damage.

To maintain and rehabilitate existing structures, we propose a high level of engineering ability, as well as engineers capable of suggesting the most effective solutions.

At the same time, we regard waste reduction and product recycling as solutions to environmental issues and as effective approaches for the transition to a self-sufficient society.

We will continually propose the best possible solutions in terms of durability, cost and energy consumption to address the challenges.

recycling system