INGEROSEC continually seeks innovative ideas for building a sustainable society, and puts them into practice.

Capacity to innovate and to use new technologies or new design methods are important factors for the success of an engineering company.

This requires from engineers not only imagination and creativity to generate new ideas, but also practical application of these ideas.lngerosec is always looking for innovation in daily works and invests time during each project to imagine new possibilities or possible changes in the usual working methods to provide our customers with up-to-date services.

Doing this allows our company to improve in parallel the technical level of our staff and to try to reach the high engineering level we aim for.

Guideline for these researches is the will to reach a sustainable development of our society by reducing waste of energy, materials, space, etc., and to improve architectural and environmental aspects of projects to create a pleasant environment for users and for people living around social infrastructures.