With a strong track record in public transport in Europe and around the world, INGEROSEC creates sustainable transport with a view to easing traffic congestion and environmental conservation.

The construction of public transport infrastructures is a key factor in the creation of a sustainable society. The development of high quality public transport systems is taking place all around the world to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gases.

We aim to introduce Europe’ s advanced public transport systems to Japan. Our expertise covers all means of urban public transport, including light rail transit (LRT), inter-city rail transit, high-speed rail transit such as the French TGV,
underground rail transit, streetcar (tramway) transit, steel rail transit, rubber-tired transit, bus rapid transit (BRD, higtHevel service buses (HLSB), environmentally friendly inner-city bicycle rental and water buses.

Under the principle of sustainable transport, we will provide our services at all stages of projects, from the concept design till starting of operation.